SONY HANDYCAM CCD-TR54 Video Camera Recorder (Refurbished )

SONY HANDYCAM CCD-TR54 Video Camera Recorder (Refurbished )


SONY HANDYCAM CCD-TR54 Video Camera Recorder w/ Bag, Battery & A/V Cords


Very clean unit. Fully functional . Has original Sony Camcorder neck strap. Has a battery, A/V cord, charger, & remote. We cleaned it inside and out so she is ready to go! Good item for the old school novelist who still have tapes with memories on them, or those collectors out there who like to record.

Product Information

For those looking for a low cost, yet full-featured Hi8 camcorder, the Sony Handycam CCD-TR54 is one such camera. The Charge Coupled Device optical sensor coupled with the Hi8 media format delivers a stunning 400 lines of resolution (as opposed to only 240 lines with standard VHS tapes). This particular Sony video camera is fully programmable, enabling such advanced features as titling without having to import the video into a video editor on a computer. The full color eyepiece on the Sony Handycam CCD-TR54 swivels through 60 degrees from the horizontal, reducing both eye and arm strain during those long video shoots. Additionally, as with all members of the Handycam product line, this Hi8 camcorder comes equipped with a threaded fitting to attach the camera to a bipod or tripod for those really long video shoots like weddings. Full color and stereo audio/video inputs and outputs allow immediate display of recorded footage from the Sony video camera onto any TV or monitor with either RCA input/outputs or S-video jacks. Whether the intended user is a professional videographer or just a budding videographer looking for a first camera, this black Sony Handycam CCD-TR54 is one possibility.